Most of us tend to believe that awakening is the end of the road while there is no end to it. Life is a process of self-exploration and, yes, there actually is more to the awakening: it is called enlightenment.

The mechanics of « En-heaviment » and being an empath.

Being enlightened literally means being lighter. Not heavier. Enlightenment is not « en-heaviment », which is what you consistently feel when you awaken to your true self: you are supremely sensitive, all your senses are at their peak because you are able to see through the illusory burden you have wrapped yourself into. You can see clearly how you have been involved in co-creating that illusion with others and your body is all sore of that awareness. This is what we call « being an empath ».

Now at that point, human beings are such an interesting species to observe: instead of  allowing themselves to see through the illusion, instead of laughing about the illusion of darkness and separation and evil and whatever stuff of their own creation they are labeling it, instead of LOVING the clarity and the awareness that are born out of it, along with the exciting possibilities of evolution that are now ahead, instead of simply and powerfully going their own way, human beings often choose to attack themselves individually and collectively with their favorite tool: guilt. This is the point when they start noticing people being untrue or fake. Or the moment they say « I am doomed because I am so genuine and fair and others actually hurt me with their fakeness and it is intolerable ».

Remember that everything, even darkness, is co-created. And darkness is a tool for masters.

Nothing is intolerable because everything is consensual, co-created and the reality we experience is just the sum total of our core beliefs being magnified. Still, if you feel your core beliefs do not serve the person you have become, stop focusing on them, posting or blogging about them. Release them lovingly (which often results in releasing certain kinds of « challenging » relationships) and simply change them according to what you prefer! We all create darkness because somehow we believe it serves us…until it doesn’t. There is no reason to be offended by other people’s lifestyle or beliefs. And darkness is there to teach us mastery. Darkness is a tool for highly-evolved spiritual beings. Not something to complain about and disempower ourselves, not something to mock about and dishonor others, not even something to be ignored.

There’s only One of us here, so act accordingly and lovingly: lighten up!

No one is superior to the One Universal Consciousness that is experiencing itself through each and every one of us because the One is all there is. And being a human empath is just a phase of the awakening-enlightenment process, it is just a transition to help you release the malignancies of the forgetful ego. So why would you use being an empath to crystallize yourself again into something less than what you are while you are going through a joyous process of becoming more?  Why would you slow down your natural joyous expansion and your ascension, knowing that doing so will only add unnecessary pain to the process and lead you to another form of misidentification with another false self?

Instead, why not doing the following, confidently, magnificently?

Bless your high sensitivity. 

Recognize it as a tool. Know it is temporary and be grateful to it for serving your awakening so well.

Empower yourself by knowing that no one is out there doing bad things to you.

…or being false or fake. Everyone is simply playing the forgetting-remembering game and being forgetful is in itself nothing to be judgemental about. It only is, it happens and you have signed for it to happen from your non-physical perspective because you wanted to know yourself experientially. Because you knew about the game and you never doubted you would be safe. Because there is only You playing with the many reflections of you for the sake of your own entertainment and joy of eternally recreating yourself. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that a cause of constant awe, meditation, and celebration? Isn’t that life?

Claim authorship of your life, completely, lovingly. Be a master.

Know that each and every « negative » situation you have encountered has been placed there by you to serve the earthly experience of the magnificent soul you are. The Buddha and all the masters who have walked this beautiful planet are said to be « illumined » because they have mastered the art of turning all kinds of darknesses into unconditional Light. Wake up, lighten up and illumine yourselves and others.

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Chronicles of Lemuria, English version
© Le Sanctuayre.



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